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Wall Switch Covers and EU Standard Wall Switch

If there is one thing that every home needs, it is switch plate covers and EU Standard Wall Switch. They are very essential home accessories and their function cannot be ignored. The covers are placed over the switch's circuitry to protect the user from possible electric shocks. They are positioned in optimum places around the house's walls usually at arms length from the door or the end of the hallway. They can add a whimsical feel to the room or an antiqued sophisticated look to complete the ambience of the room.
These light protectors were strictly utilitarian items. With simple outlet covers for protection, most home owners don't think much about them. With their bland covered faces they merely fulfilled their functions. For decor purposes they left much to be desired. Now artists are thinking outside the box and are applying their unique design talent to an over looked object. The wall switch plate cover is becoming a decorative piece of art.
EU Standard Wall Switch designs incorporate images from nature to culture, history to contemporary and abstraction to representation. Whatever switch plate you choose will allow your personality to be reflected throughout your home.
Most people are use to the white or cream colors that come standard in many homes. With just a simple change, that is also light on your pocket book, you can alter the entire look of the room. Installation which consists of a couple of screws and a screw driver will be accomplished in a breeze and will give you a new spin on your style. Rather then separating your room with universal plates you can accessorize your walls with color. This eliminates unnecessary blotches of discoloration by matching your covers to an existing paint color or design.
Your surroundings may be well decorated, but look around you and you may notice your switch plate covers worn out, scratched, discolored and an eye sore to the viewer. What you yearn to see is a unique accent that compliments their space. You can make this happen with this vibrant alternative and its dramatic impact. The possibilities are endless and are only limited to your imagination.
Most EU Standard Wall Switch covers are individually hand crafted using a classic decoupage technique and sealed with a smooth finish to prevent scratching and cracking. Decoupage is the art of decorating an object by gluing a design onto a medium and finishing it for permanence and durability. There are several different methods of finishing this product.
1.      Lacquer: It can crack or chip easily if exposed to low temperatures
2.      Polymer Coating: The finish cures by a chemical reaction in witch the liquid finish hardens to a solid material which will last for many years.
3.      Acrylic Coating: Easy to clean, but scratches easily. It will last a long time if not exposed to sunlight.
4.      Polyurethane Coating: Provides a clear coating but yellows with age.
5.      Laminate: It is sandwiched between layers of plastic and sealed with heat and pressure. Easy to clean and will last for many years.
Wall switch plate covers are available in many material, textures, colors, patterns, sizes and designs. To give you an idea, I will name a few themes such as Seasonal, holiday, animals, teens, trains, vegetables, fruit, drinks, country, angels, antiqued, lighthouses and gardens. This is just the tip of the iceberg that you will encounter through your search.
Some of the materials that these plates come in are ceramic, porcelain, pewter, brass, bronze, wood, plastic, stone and glass. Most are washable, durable, fire retardant and have ultra violet protection.
If you still are unable to find just the right switch cover, you can submit your own ideas or send a picture to have one custom made. Some companies can even match a piece of material or your granite counter top. For further creativity, you can match the switch plate with your outlet covers. You will certainly have a conversation piece with this decorative statement.
These EU Standard Wall Switch covers are a very small item with a very large impact. They are whispers of art that add character in unexpected places. Just as you might be drawn to a sparkling diamond, these unique covers can have that same effect on the viewer.
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