Presented in a minimalist style with a touch of space.

The perfect combination of art and technology, the seemingly simple panel can interpret all the highlights of the people's hearts, it will become the best decoration and embellishment of living room.

Carefully crafted and made of outstanding materials.

Choose the most suitable tempered glass to make it anti-fouling and anti-scratch, long-lasting, easy to maintain and clean; transparent texture, perfect color, side polished many times, without losing any details. Both aesthetic and functional.

Backlight guidance, no longer dark.

The integration of LED two-color backlight supports color prompts and displays the on and off states in red or blue. Careful debugging of the color and brightness for a more comfortable application experience, with its assistance, dim operation is no longer a problem.

Break wiring limitations, and facilitate installation.

The single live wire design eliminates the need for additional neutral wires, minimizing the possibility of wiring errors, and can directly replacing traditional switches. The LIVOLO switch has no threshold for use, allowing smart homes to enter more family.

Real material of phosphorus copper core.

LIVOLO use high-standard phosphor copper components with high elasticity, high electrical conductivity and low heat. It can easily cope with various working environments and is not easily deformed for long-term use. The crimping screws are made by brass to ensure a firm and non-slip wire.

Remote control switch.

Remote control switch. This feature brings more convenience to life, using RF、ZigBee technology to achieve contactless information transfer, no need to establish any contact to control. Its strong power let you have the ability to control every corner of the home.

← Click here to control the switch

Click here to control the switch→

Touch control
Remote control
Cellphone control

Two way function.

No wiring required, just install the two way switches in the position or room you need, and then perform simple operation to pair with the main switch. You can control the same lamp through multiple switches. So easy.

← Click here to control the switch

Click here to control the switch→

Free combination and DIY.

Seven colors for choice, with advanced craftsmanship, the color is saturated and dazzling and will never fade. The function keys, decorative frames and glass panels can be purchased separately, make the switch perfectly integrated with decoration style.

Temperature controlled switch

Mounting box

Self-generating doorbell

Remote controller