When I turn on the switch does it have light?
Yes, all our touch switches have led indicators, turn on the switch –red indicator, turn off the switch – blue indicator.
Can I used it with energy-saving lamps or LED lamps?
Yes, our switches can work with energy-saving lamps and LED lamps as long as the wattage is more than 1W.
What kind of lamps can be fit with your dimmer switch?
Filament lamp and dimmable LED lamp ; All bulbs works with mechanical dimmer , works with ours , Only the wattage should be 5-500W.
Can your switch work with home automation system?
It depends, if the system only needs a signal On/Off , it can be . Otherwise , our switch is not suitable for home automation system because the codes are different.
Do you have an intermediate switch?
Yes, our 2 way switch also can be an intermediate switch, you can connect three 2 way switches together.
Which output from the switch— relay or triac?
For On/Off touch switch- relay, dimmer switch - triac
Can I install the switch vertically?
Sure , Any Pose.


Free removal to install, as simple and quick as you wish


There are three wirings: 1 way switch, 2 way switch and roller shutter switch

Open the package then take out product

Connect wire and tighten the screws

Use the two screws to fix

Cover the panel, connect the power


There are three wirings: 1 way switch, 2 way switch and roller shutter switch

1 Way Switch Wiring

On/off, remote, timer, dimmer switch wiring are same

2 Way Switch Wiring

On/off, remote switch wiring are same

2 Way Switch Wiring

On/off, remote switch wiring are same


Both 2 way and remote switch
will only work after being synchronized

Two way switch Synchronizing instructions


Maximum synchronizing piece : 3PCS


Maximum total power: 1500W


Maximum distance between 2 different A/B : 30M


Remote only can works with the switch connects with lamp

Steps to cancel Synchronization

Hold the gang of either switch for 10 seconds, when you hear two Di sounds or if the backlight flashes twice,(the synchronization was successfully cancelled. Should you let go after the first "Di" sound or after the first flash, the synchronization will not be successfully cancelled. )After cancelling the synchronization,(the synchronization with the remote will also be cancelled.)

Small remote Synchronizing introduction

For dimmer switch

A = on B = dim up C = dim down D = off

Steps to cancel Synchronization

Repeat the above process, and when hear two “DI” sounds during step3, the synchronization is cancelled successfully.

Touch remote Synchronizing introduction


  1. You’d better set the code no more than the specified number for each gang, if exceed, the first code will be replaced automatically.
  2. You’d better set the scene no more than the specified number for each switch, if exceed, the first scene will be replaced automatically.
  3. Hold any button for 10S, and take away when hear 2 sounds of ‘DI’, the synchronous code and scene are completely cancelled.
  4. Please don’t press buttons frequently, not more than once every 2S.
  5. Please replace the batteries in time, as the receive distance can be shorten when the voltage of battery is too low.
  6. Please remove the batteries when long time no use.
  7. Battery specification: Two AAA batteries

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There are three types of switches called touch switches

Resistance touch switch

A resistance switch needs two electrodes to be physically in contact with something electrically conductive (for example a finger) to operate. They work by lowering the resistance between two pieces of metal. It is thus much simpler in construction compared to the capacitance switch. Placing one or two fingers across the plates achieves a turn on or closed state. Removing the finger(s) from the metal pieces turns the device off. One implementation of a resistance touch switch would be two Darlington-paired transistors where the base of the first transistor is connected to one of the electrodes.Also, an N-Channel, enhancement-mode, metal oxide field effect transistor can be used. Its gate can be connected to one of the electrodes and the other electrode through a resistance to a positive voltage.

Piezo touch switch

Piezo touch switches are based on mechanical bending of piezo ceramic, typically constructed directly behind a surface. This solution enables touch interfaces with any kind of material. Another characteristic of piezo is that it can function as actuator as well. Current commercial solutions construct the piezo in such way that touching with approximately 1.5 N is enough, even for stiff materials like stainless steel.

Capacitance switch

A capacitance switch needs only one electrode to function. The electrode can be placed behind a non-conductive panel such as wood, glass, or plastic. The switch works using body capacitance, a property of the human body that gives it great electrical characteristics. The lamp keeps charging and discharging its metal exterior to detect changes in capacitance. When a person touches it, it increases the capacitance and triggers the switch. It fits for LIVOLO.